CCTV and Home Security

Keeping an eye on your doorstep

By Joseph Geddes, 22 January, 2020

A white CCTV camera mounted on an outside wall

We’ve just finished another CCTV system install for a neighbour here at Trench Farm.

The requirements this time were fairly simple; keep an eye on what goes on outside their door and be able to check in when away from home. We opted for a Hikvision video recorder and cameras. This would be the first chance we’ve had to take a look at this brand and we were very impressed with the sturdy build and great picture quality.

The setup process for viewing on your smartphone was simple, just download an app and scan the code on screen, it even works on 4G with no network tweaking required.

Richard and I were on-site for around 3 hours, the majority of this time was spent installing the trunking to contain the wires for both cameras. Mounting the cameras on boxes as you see in the photo looks clean and adds a second layer of weather resistance to the cameras’ connectors.

The cameras themselves are 2MP, that means you can record in Full HD (1080p) and are powered directly by the video recorder. The InfraRed range for night vision is up to 30 meters, more than enough for this install.

Overall, we’re both very pleased with the Hikvision system and our neighbour is satisfied that their home is being kept safer.