Is that a new website I see?

Since July, Joe has been hacking away at our new website.

By Joseph Geddes, 24 December, 2019

CSS Code written in Atom

According to GitHub, the site contains just shy of 15,000 lines of code.

This is a pretty simple site with very little javascript but that line count is pretty big!

I’ve learned a lot of new techniques, including how to use WebP images to speed up your experience and adding hidden text for screen readers to make the site accessible to a wider audience.

The overall design has been developed with smartphones in mind, if you’ve not visited on your phone I strong encourage it! This has meant a tablet and smartphone are always in arm’s reach when working.

For a Computer Services business, I feel it’s critical to have a great mobile experience. Most people looking to get their PC fixed will be on their Phone or Tablet - not their broken computer!

I’d like to give a special mention to Zurb, their Foundation CSS framework has been amazing to work within. It allowed me to show or hide specialised content depending on the device you’re using. This means that when looking for Remote Support on a smartphone you’re given the link to the app store, rather than the .exe for Windows.