Ad-Hoc Support

When your business relies on your computer, your computer needs someone to rely on when things go wrong! In addition to our computer Repair Service, we can also offer you and your business all you need to ensure you are working to maximum efficiency in maximum security. Our service is a 'pay-as-you-go' service with no contracts or tie-ins. Just an hourly rate, whenever you need us!

Our Business IT Management service would definitely be our first recommendation to your business but our ad-hoc support still meets the high standards that we set ourselves.

Perhaps you would benefit from a small network allowing several computers to share resources like broadband connection, files, printers, scanners etc? Pool your resources and increase productivity. Click here to find out how an effective network can take your business to the next level

You may have heard about a new technology which allows you to make telephone calls over the internet for free or at vastly reduced rates. Active Computers UK have advanced certified VoIP (Voice over IP) engineers, we can install this new service for your business and start you on the path to big savings on your telephone bill! Click here to learn more...