Backup and Data Recovery

What would you do if you lost your data tomorrow? Data Management isn’t principally about complying with policy – at heart it means helping you to protect you data and minimize down time. Data recovery can be expensive, don’t leave it, protect it!

Scheduling Automatic Backups

Eliminate the risk of human error, software crashes and hardware faults by automating the entire backup process with up-to-the-minute backup scheduling features.

True Incremental Backup Facility

This type of backup builds upon an  initial full backup. When used, the backup tool makes a regular backup of  changes identified after the last backup operation (which may not necessarily  be a full backup operation).Scalable and Flexible

From a single workstation to thousands including servers running different operating systems, can be backed up and managed via a single console.

Intelligent File Selection

Fully manageable filters to select file-level inclusion and exclusion to specify data to backup, restore and ignore.

Central Administration

A single management console enables backup administrators to control backup and restore processes and to remotely configure deployment to selected clients.

Total Encryption for Total Security

Data is encrypted using a variety of methods starting from the clients machine. AES 256 encryption is standard with further encryption during file transfer and data storage, giving you complete peace of mind regarding data security.

Secure Storage and Connectivity

Active Computers Cloud Backup is provided from our two Tier 3 Level UK data centres. Our network features high-speed gigabit links to multiple Tier 1 Internet Backbone Providers with extensive peering arrangements so you can be assured that your backed up data is always accessible.

Fully Mirrored for Peace of Mind

Data is mirrored to our second location Tier 3 UK data centre every 15 minutes.