System Upgrades

At Active Computers UK we firmly believe in the viability of incremental hardware upgrades as a way of keeping systems up to date, working efficiently and without breaking the bank.

We offer to assess your current IT hardware to decide where improvements can be made and discuss the most cost effective way of making these improvements. Great IT systems pay for themselves after all.

PC & Laptop Upgrades

We have forged excellent supplier relationships over the many years we’ve been trading, which helps to ensure we receive preferential pricing and fast delivery, meaning our components are often much cheaper than high street stores. 

All of our parts are new and come with 12 months warranty, we are proud to stand by our upgrades and should a component fail we will replace at no extra cost.

Contact Us if your IT systems are feeling sluggish, in need of an upgrade or you would like to find out how upgrading your systems can upgrade your business!