Is your PC in need of an upgrade?

If you're thinking about buying a new PC computer to replace your old system, first consider upgrading your existing machine!

Programs opening slowly? Add an SSD (Solid State Drive) to cut access times and greatly improve general system performance, We'll even transfer your software and files from your current drive. If running multiple programs brings your PC to it's knees we can add more RAM, meaning your system will have more resources at its disposal.

Computer and Laptop upgrades

If you want to play the latest games, do intensive design & graphics work or even use your PC for CAD, you'll want to add a new Graphics Card to your system to improve performance in these applications.

Upgrading a current system has a number of benefits, primarily the cost associated is usually a fraction of the price of a new machine, secondly it is far more eco-friendly than disposing of a perfectly good system. Finally, Active Computers upgrades carry a similar warranty that you would get with a new system.

Contact us today to discuss the upgrade prospects for your system!