Family Safety

Active Computers Ltd and ESET working in partnership to deliver outstanding family safety in today's digital world.

At Active Computers, we understand what family safety in today's digital world means to so many people, which is why we want to help you keep your family safe whilst using today's digital systems such as the internet.

We have extensive experience along with being certified specialists in computer security and have partnered with several world leaders in digital security.

Active Computers are official authorised partners with ESET Digital Security and have a long standing relationship, providing us with direct access to unmatched technical support from the developers themselves.

We recommend  ESET as our number one product to keep your PCs safe, and we also recommend ESET Parental Control to for your family safety.

Family Safety in today's digital world

Here's what ESET say about their Parental Controls;

"ESET Parental Control for Android lets you help your children navigate online, even when they’re away from home. You can see what they view or play, or intervene flexibly to block access. The app explains to your children, in a friendly way, what they can do and see."

epc-bg-app-control epc-bg-reports epc-bg-child-locator epc-bg-web-control

 App Guard

Decide which apps your children can use, and when.


See which apps & sites take up the most time.

 Location Service

Check where your children’s devices are at any time.

Web Guard

Filter access to websites, based on the age of your children.

If you have any questions about the ESET Parental Control platform, feel free to Contact Us and we will try our best to answer them.