PC Health Check

Servicing your computer and removing Viruses and Spyware (Trojans) can help speed it up as well as detecting problems that may ultimately lead to complete system failure, data loss resulting in additional unexpected costs. For example, poor ventilation could result in CPU or other major components to overheat causing permanent damage and lead to a costly repair. 

For as little as £15.95 for our basic PC health check, Active Computers UK will advise on any repairs, software and hardware upgrades, general maintenance tips and any potential faults that may arise in the future.

PC Health Check ensuring better stability and performance whilst reducing costly downtime

Advanced PC Health Check

To keep your PC in the best condition possible we recommend an annual Advanced PC Health Check, think of this as an MOT and service for your computer. We check every piece of hardware is working correctly, carry out tests on all installed programs, and examine the overall health of the PC using our 45+ itemised checklist. You will receive a copy of this report with full technician's notes and details of all work that was carried out on the system.

Should our PC Health Check lead us to repair or correct an issue with your PC in most cases there will be no extra cost to you 9/10 times! With the exception of replacement components, the vast majority of issues and solutions are covered by the price of the Health Check.

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