Mobile Devices

Screen replacements for tablets and phones

Screen Repairs

We repair Smartphones & Tablets as well as PCs. Our workshops are fully equipped to repair devices in any state, including cracked screens and liquid damage. We carry a large stock of genuine replacement parts to get your device looking and working like it used to. Our repairs cover both front glass and full digitizer replacement, meaning we can solve any screen related issue!


Tablet PC email setup

E-mail Sync

We can set up your devices to receive E-mail from a number of your accounts to allow you to get messages on the go.  If you check your email at work, on your mobile phone, and again at home, E-mail sync ensures that new mail is accessible from any device at any given time. Mail marked as read is updated across all devices to stop any confusion, and stored mail can be accessed offline for times without a data connection.


Battery Repairs

Battery won't charge? Device turning off with battery remaining? These are signs that your device's battery is worn out, we offer to replace batteries in all devices from brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei and more.


Computer and Tablet Wireless networking

WiFi Setup

If you can't get online, or need help setting up WiFi on your device, we can help. We know how frustrating it can be to buy a shiny new device only to find it you're stuck offline and unable to do much!


Liquid damage? we can fix laptops, phones and tablets

Liquid Damage

Depending on the severity of the damage, we can repair your liquid damaged phone or tablet without a costly replacement. We try our best to repair all devices we are asked to look at, but this is not always possible. If upon initial inspection we advise a repair is not possible, we also offer assessment should you want to make an insurance claim. 

Support for tablet PC's Whitchurch

Software Issues

If your issue is with software rather than hardware, we've got you covered. All of our engineers have experience with Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, and will be able to sort out any misbehaving apps or incorrect settings!


Cloud Backup

We also offer to set up a device backup to a cloud storage provider of your choice, usually Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive which helps protect you against data lost by stolen, damaged or broken devices. This is available for all smartphones and tablets at little cost to you, and could save you a fortune on data recovery!


If your device is running slow, crashing or is not as responsive as you would like, let us take a look. We may find that you have unwanted apps running in the background hogging resources and slowing your device down. We can remove these unwanted apps and find more efficient replacements for any you may need to improve overall performance and battery life!