Legal / Broadband Terms and Conditions

Applies to: ActiveNet Broadband, ActiveNet FFTC, Telephone Lines

Last update: 5 March, 2020


These terms and conditions apply to all users of the ‘ActiveNet Broadband & Phone Line’ services.

Use of services

You understand and agree that you must not use the services in a manner which infringes any law or regulation. This includes using the services to post, link or distribute any content which infringes intellectual property rights, causes undue distress, incites hate or violence, is knowingly false or misleading. You must not use the service to create, transmit or distribute any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising, marketing or promotional material or other form of solicitation (spam).

Minimum Service Period

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the minimum service period for our products is 12 months. After the minimum service period you may cancel your service by giving 30-days’ notice. See Cancellation below for more information.


You can cancel your service by providing 30 days’ notice, this can be given over the phone (01939 550040), via e-mail ( or via post (1-4 The Granary, Trench Farm, Wem, SY4 5PJ). Your notice to cancel will be responded to within 5 working days. You’ll need to continue paying for your service up until the cancellation date. If you need to cancel your service(s) within the minimum service period there will be a cancellation fee. This cancellation fee will not exceed the total cost should you complete the minimum service period.

Suspension and Termination

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your service should any of our terms and conditions be breached.

Billing and Payments

By ordering the services, you agree to pay the advised setup and monthly fees on or before the due date (usually 25th of each month). We will send you VAT invoices for any charges relating to your services. These invoices will be sent via email to the address provided on your order form. If you do not make payment for your services, they may be suspended or terminated after 30-days. You will be provided 30-day’s notice in writing and via e-mail. We will charge you interest at 4% above Barclays Bank PLC’s base rate for any invoices beyond due date.

IP Addresses

You agree that any static IP address provided for your connection are on a rental basis.

Telephone Lines

Silent Line
A silent line is used only for the delivery of broadband, you are not able to make or receive voice calls on this line.
Everyday Line
This is a standard telephone line, you are able to make and receive voice calls.

Call Charges

Calls are charged per minute. A full tariff is available here.

Broadband speed

When ordering a broadband service, you will need to provide an installation address. Ideally you would provide a telephone number which allows us to give you the most accurate information.

Based on the information you provide we will give you estimated download and upload speeds, as well as guaranteed download and upload speeds. Speeds are provided in megabits per second (Mbps).

If your broadband service falls below the guaranteed minimum for more than 30 calendar days you will have the option to cancel your service without penalty.