Credit Application Form

We offer credit facilities to business in accordance to our business terms and conditions. We reserve the right to decline this facility at our discretion. Direct Debit payment method is required for account terms over 15 days.

Connect Hosting and software subscriptions, have separate billing terms. Payment will be due within the products respective terms.

Credit Application
Company Details *
Note: Landline Business Numbers please. Mobiles, and Premium Rate numbers (08xx, 09xx) are not acceptable.
Note: This is required for Limited Companies and PLCs. Trading Commenced (Year)
Trade References
*Please complete with the company name and trading address
*Please complete with the company name and trading address
Contact Information
Details of Directors, Proprietor, or Partners (for Sole Proprietorship and Partnerships only)
Supporting Documents
Please supply one of the following as proof of identification. • Limited Company: Company letterhead. • Sole Traders/Partnerships: Proof of your home address, such as a bank, building society or credit card statement, or a recent utility bill.
Allowed file extensions are jpg, pdf. Max file size is 10 MB.
I/We the undersigned apply to Active Computers UK Limited for credit facilities and declare that the information given above is accurate. I/We agree to trade on Active Computers UK Limited’s Terms and Conditions of Sale or Hire as are applicable at the date of the transaction and confirm that I/We have read the Terms and Conditions of Sale contained in this form. Active Computers UK Limited reserves the right to terminate this Agreement for credit forthwith without notice upon a breach by the customer of any Terms and Conditions and all amounts then outstanding will become due forthwith. Thereafter interest will be charged on a daily basis until the account is paid in full.
If you open an account we may soft search the files of credit reference agencies who will record the search, and we may share that information about the way in which you conduct your account with credit reference agencies. If you do not wish us to carry out such a search, then please do not complete this form. We may need to disclose your information to our agents. We will record your purchasing preferences and may use your information for marketing. We will not pass your information to third parties. We may contact you with offers of goods or services which may interest you. We will only do this if you do not object below to us doing so.
Robots are only welcome if invited!

It is law to pay on time

Since 1998 it has been law that outstanding balances are paid within the agreed terms. Several amendments have been introduced since the original Act were legistrated. Below we have provided the relevant acts for your viewing.