Being an ESET Partner

Helping to keep your devices safe online

By Joseph Geddes, 30 October, 2019

ESET Android Mascot

We’ve been an ESET Partner for quite a few years now and it’s been a great asset to our business.

Firstly, ESET have a product for just about every platform which suits us as we cover a wide range of devices.

Working with the team at ESET UK is a breeze, our account manager is able to advise on the right solution for our customer and their technical support are incredibly knowledgeable.

Where do partners fit in?

Partners like ourselves are the ones you’ll be dealing with when it comes to renewing or upgrading a product. We are also the first line of support for any questions or issues you may run into. To be honest, we take very few calls about problems with ESET despite the number of clients we have utilizing it.

We make the renewal process seamless, no need to update your license key or log in to a website. We e-mail a bill and your product is ready the moment it’s paid.

There’s no premium for buying ESET through a partner, and you get an extra point of contact for any questions or issues.

Need help installing ESET?

We can do that too. Our remote support fee applies, but a lot of our clients want the reassurance that everything is installed and working correctly.

If you’re not already an ESET user, you can contact us for a free thirty day trial.